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A Year or So Later: How My Life Has Changed Since the Onset of the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has invoked some of my curmudgeonly inner spirits, but it has also revealed that I don't want us to go back to what we considered "normal" because so much of it was wrong.

Newsbites + Other Bits: A Weekly Roundup (vol. 4)

In this weekly curation of content from different corners of the internet, I share information on the climate crisis, how badly countries around the world, including Canada, are dealing with it, a couple of visual delights to remind us why we must preserve our planet, and an extraordinary bit if you like chess or enjoyed Netflix's The Queen's Gambit.

Six Sites to Find Free, Diverse + Distinctive Images to Use for Your Content and Social Media

If you're looking for diverse, non-cliché, and distinctive free stock images, check out my favourite resources.

Newsbites + Other Bits: A Weekly Roundup (vol. 3)

In this weekly curation of links from different corners of the internet, I share articles on the impacts of the pandemic on international and Canadian media, why the international press downplayed the flu of 1918, and a funny animated video that captures the embarrassing social moments many of us have experienced at least once.

Creativity in the Time of COVID-19

Three examples that show how COVID-19 limitations are opening new possibilities in sectors like photojournalism, healthcare, and art.